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Interviews of Interest

On November 6, 2012 Election Day, Universal Xperience was delighted to arrange an interview with Roland S. Martin, a nationally award-winning and multifaceted journalist and CNN analyst. Roland S. Martin has been seen on CNN, TVOne and now The Impact Network.

The Roland S. Martin PR firm recently granted Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience permission to release the pre-recorded Roland Martin-Greg Davis interview.  Bishop Greg Davis is the host of the nationally viewed television show, Good News.

As part of Good News 2012 Election Night Coverage with Greg Davis, this pre-recorded interview was aired on The Impact Network.  Impact Network  made history during Election Night 2012, as the only African American Christian founded national television network to cover the election results and air these results with live calls from viewers across America.  Public figures like Roland S. Martin and Pastor Jamal Bryant enhanced the Good News special segment with insightful reactions and analysis.

To listen to the interview click on above picture. You will be redirected to the interview which will begin automatically.  Although brief, you will see that Roland Martin’s predictions and analysis were, Spot On!

Click To Discover Roland S. Martin

Click To Discover Greg Davis and Good News

Click To Discover The Impact Network

– Source: Cheryl Patterson & Universal Xperience


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