Makes No Difference Who You Are, Believe

Meet Cheryl Patterson

In my life-time, I have come to realize and embrace that everything is a Universal Xperience.

I have been blessed to make my passion my work and my work my passion. I am the executive director and founder of Universal Xperience, a published writer and proud recipient of the ‘Spirit of Detroit Award.’

I envisioned Universal Xperience as an exclusive nonprofit consulting organization for those who are passionate about their purpose and want to create and increase awareness about their brand. Connect with me personally through universalxperience@gmail.com

At the age of 11/12 my parents (Marie and Willie) had me read a book – ‘Making Your Passion Your Career’  and ‘As a Man Thinketh so Is He.’  My dad had many great side notes written in the margins of the pages. I got to know him better while reading that book, too.

I grew-up doing those things that moved me and left me feeling fulfilled so I strongly believed my career should be fulfilling. Later, in life, I learned how to create a meaningful and financially stable career from those passions.

I value good friends and family. They make me the happiest. We can never over appreciate our family and people who we love. Human companionship is very important and I believe we should care more.  We must have compassion when we can not empathize.  A friendly hug, pat on the back, holding someone’s hand as you speak to them; these gestures are simply yet very powerful and reaffirming.

A text message just isn’t the same, although can be a good starting point and a wonderful way to stay connected when the good old face to face just can’t happen.  Skype is a valuable tool for me, but, NOTHING compares to  physical touch from those who care for each other (not in a sexual sense).

Physical touch is highly under-rated.  Physical touch can be nurturing and reassuring.  I have witnessed this even btw strangers.  When a touch on an elbow or shoulder can help to diffuse a heated discussion or repair injured feelings or add meaning to heart-felt words.

Side note: I feel very sorry for the elderly who are forgotten and go unloved, after years of giving and loving others – why do we grow-up to neglect them? Well, more on that later.

Also, I started lifting weights again after 5 years of falling off to focus on getting my business off the ground. I didn’t manage my time well and neglected myself instead of taking time to invest in myself.  I will never again focus on life’s situations and leave myself unfocused, so to speak bc life will happen and life goes on so we must continue, regardless to maintain what God has blessed us with.

I love strength training and how it sculpts the body. God is so creative to have made us so beautiful and I plan on maintaining what He has blessed me with. After all, I represent Him.  And, I have people who love me and I love them and want to be around a long time to love them back and doing so with a sound mind and body.

We can take our good health for granted until we begin to lose it. Call me vain if you want but I believe our bodies are the temples of God so we should eat things that are good for us, rest, laugh a lot, dance, listen to music that inspires us and work on having an intimate relationship with God.  He is our source and He made us in His image. We have  creative power residing on the inside. We forget who we are and lose our focus. We are powerful.

When you value a relationship you put TIME into it and you do so happily bc you want that relationship to be meaningful and fulfilling.  I do know which side my bread is buttered on, lol. I want to be on top of my game in every area of my life bc I want Him to be proud of me and give me more tasks to accomplish.  This is a lifestyle for me – being a Believer.  I serve God by serving and leveraging others.

There is a message in the music. Listen and immerse yourself in some music today that inspires you to make a difference or music that inspires you to make someone smile, lol.  Life is Universal, make it an Xperience!  Thanks for reading and learning a little about me and my passions.

Twitter: @ pattersoncheryl

Instagram: @ universalxperience

Facebook: @universalxperience


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