Makes No Difference Who You Are, Believe



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From Ilorin, Nigeria, it is lights, cameras and action as In His Steps Mag excitedly prepares for the digital release of their short film, DAMAGED ECHO, March 21, 2016 @ inhistepsmag.org.

DAMAGED ECHO focuses on a young couple, Michael and Raquel.  Their romantic relationship is under fire when Michael stumbles upon a very private letter written by Raquel.  The letter and other surrounding circumstances all point to the shocking and heart breaking fact that Raquel is unfaithful and cheating on Michael.  Can a love once trusting and true now be ruined? Can all be lost or are things really as apparent as they seem?

DAMAGED ECHO is an intense mildly psychological drama with an inspiring message that impacts yet encourages viewers to trust, love and believe, again.  It is written and directed by Adebayo Okeowo, publisher of In His Steps Mag and a very forward-thinking young human rights attorney.

Okeowo explains, “My pursuit is to be all God desires me to be, yet I still find it hard to believe that this is our third short film. Our first was ‘Rhythms of Grace’ followed by sophomore project ‘He Promised.’  We were hyped and very thankful that ‘Rhythms of Grace’ earned a commendation in the 2013 International Short Film Competition sponsored by Afrinolly which got our short film and brand in front of 4 million viewers.”

All interview opportunities are welcomed through PR/Marketing partner Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience, universalxperience@gmail.com. Twitter: @pattersoncheryl.


actor 1 HS

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Actress Boluwatife Odutola (Raquel): She is from an all-girl family endowed with beauty  and brains. She holds a degree in Nursing from the University of Ibadan one of Nigeria’s most prestigious Universities. Damaged Echo is her first stint at acting and certainly not her last. Bolu for short, is passionate, focused and ready to take on challenges that move others forward.




actor 2 HS

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Actor Onasanya Jesudetan (Michael): He is a graduate of Physics and is popularly referred to as Jaydee Cassidy. As a 23 year old, he is a cognitive scientist whose work spans a varied range of disciplines – from music, to business, digital art, technology development, modeling and now acting. In 2015, he earned an Excellence Award from Nigerian Top Executives in the IT and Software Industry.  Damaged Echo is his first short feature film.




actor 3 HS

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Actor Joseph Omidosu (Kola): Joseph is the 4th child from a family of four boys. His passion for technology is the reason he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer & Cyber Security and now currently pursuing a Masters in Information Systems at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  He hold his faith in Jesus very close to his heart and is always ready to get involved in all things that let God’s glory shine.




director writer HS

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Director/Writer Adebayo Okeowo: Affectionately called Bayo.  He is passionate about human rights and dignity and uses his camera to tell stories. His photos won two awards; one in Europe and in Africa. He has produced human rights campaign videos broadcast across TV networks in Africa and digitally. Bayo is a published writer and editor of In His Steps Mag. He is founder of  White Code Centre and currently working on his PhD in Law.


crew pic

• Captain Morgan Films, Editor
• Banjyte Imagery and Damola   Oladele, Camera Team
• Funmi Ochojila, Make-up Artist
• Phemie Michael, Promotional      Design
• Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience, PR/Marketing






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