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Beth Griffith Inspires the Midwest Showing Her True Colors in Popular TV Commercial for Art Van Furniture!

Art Van True Colors by Beth GriffithAs a background vocalist for Grammy Award Nominated KEM, Beth Griffith is always on the road, literally.  The beginning of this year Beth was on the road singing in front of sold-out arena audiences in over 25 cities with ‘The Forever Charlie Tour’ featuring Charlie Wilson with special guests KEM and Joe.  But wait, the tour was so successful, a second leg was added in May with at least 18 more cities and Beth found herself yet, on the road again!

The life of a background singer is demanding and rewarding as well. For example, when Beth prepared to appear at this year’s Essence Festival in July with KEM, there were a million things to do like rehearsals, choreography, photo shoots, hours of traveling, meeting with fashion designers and stylists so, how in the world did Beth find time to record a television commercial for Art Van Furniture Store called ‘True Colors?’

The Art Van Furniture television commercial ‘True Colors’ has reached an organic 73,084 views since it’s television release in the Midwest and that spectacular pop infused voice you hear, that’s Beth! She is a sought after voice over talent and singer. This is not the first commercial Beth has done for Art Van. Looks like Art Van Furniture knows a good thing when they hear it and it’s Beth Griffith.

This year the popular furniture store celebrates its 55th year and says, “What really matters is family, community and service. Thank you for inviting us to share your family moments for 55 years, during the holidays and every day.” To view the ‘True Colors’ Art Van television commercial featuring Beth Griffith click the picture below. Commercial produced by The Sussman Agency for Art Van Furniture:


Photo credit: The Sussman Agency



Recently, Beth released a music video called THE AUDITION.  In the video Beth covers the popular Beatles tune ‘Yesterday.’ In addition, she is keeping the music legacy alive of her father, Johnny Griffith (pianist) who was an original member of the Motown Funk Brothers.

In May, Beth teamed up with Lamont Doizer, Jr in Los Angeles at the swank E Spot owned and operated by Sheila E for a second generation Motown Music Celebration. It was a sold out audience full of supporters and other Motown legends. Lamont Doizer, Jr. is the son of Lamont Doizer, Sr. known for penning 40 plus hit songs for Motown.

Beth Griffith welcomes all interview opportunities through her PR Marketing partner Cheryl Patterson & Universal Xperience, universalxperience@gmail.com.



  • Beth is the daughter of Motown Funk Brother pianist, Johnny Griffith
  • Beth is a former background vocalist for multi Grammy Award-winning Anita Baker.
  • Beth was cast as a stand-in actress and body double for Whitney Houston in Sparkle.
  • Beth was featured in Impact Detroit Magazine covered by DeVon Franklin (Sony).
  • Beth is a re-occurring guest radio co-host for ‘The Greg Davis Show.’




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