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Filmmaker Alison Mills Newman is Doing a Great Work and Can Not Come Down: The Making of THE TREE WIDOW

Alison Newman on the set of The Tree WidowNobel Prize author, Toni Morrison (Bluest Eyes, Beloved) says, “Alison, is a gifted storyteller who writes with beauty, power and purity.” Morrison shares this wonderful statement about Alison’s debut book, a remarkable passionate literary work called ‘Francisco.’

Alison cast of Julia ChristmasBest known for her ground-breaking role in the NBC TV series JULIA featuring Diahann Carroll, Alison played Carol Derring the spunky hip babysitter for Carroll’s character, Julia. Credited as the first TV series to cast an African American female in a lead role, JULIA received an Emmy nomination in its first year on air.


As an independent filmmaker, Alison wrote and directed her first film VIRGIN AGAIN with her late husband, Francisco Newman which proved to be another success. Edward R. Pressman, producer of220px-Wall_Street_film Academy Award-winning film, WALLSTREET said, “VIRGIN AGAIN is obviously a bold piece of filmmaking.”

Later, Alison would move forward to write, direct and produce her latest film THE TREE WIDOW, winner of the 2013 Philadelphia International Film Festival Silver 276931_181671838583011_1437109135_n1Award.  Through the many phases of releasing the short, casting and shooting the feature for THE TREE WIDOW, Alison has created yet another meaningful master piece sure to inspire the hearts of viewers, globally.

In this next phase, The Making of THE TREE WIDOW – the feature film, Alison humbly wants you to consider becoming a supporter by making a donation. With your generous donation, you also indirectly help her continue her work of making meaningful quality films that impact and inspire viewers to Believe and Believe again! Alison says, “My desire is to make excellent beautiful films that include the teachings of Christ in an entertaining and intelligent manner.”

Your donations help decrease and eliminate the costs of Editing, Distribution, PR Marketing, Cast Expenses, Music, Advertising on Television and Radio, The Tree Widow Premiere and Screenings in select areas/theaters in the USA.

Donate-ButtonPlease GIVE online by clicking the donate button.  Mail checks to Keep The Faith Ministries, 3278 Cascade Parc Blvd, Atlanta GA 30311. Visit the website www.keepthefaithinc.com and GIVE today.

Discover More About THE TREE WIDOW:

Sarah is a widow who finds peace talking and listening to God as she walks among the trees.  During the Recession, she opens her home to women in need. The var­i­ous and di­verse women in the house have personal conflicts, con­flicts with each other and Sarah and her strong convictions. What happens when they share their relationship heartbreaks and various points of views that clash? The women share their tales of sex in the city and Sarah tries to help them make better choices and at the end of the day, because of Sarah’s spirit of love and  wisdom in handling different personalities, the women bond and find a common humanity.

Allison Mills NewmanAlison has created a delightful and transparent film designed to reintroduce into the hearts and minds of people, the beauty of wait­ing until mar­riage to en­gage in intimacy.​ Alison’s mission is to be a part of the gospel move­ment to help gen­er­a­tions re­al­ize the power of applying God’s Word when it comes to re­la­tion­ships.


Alison Mills Newman welcomes interview opportunities through her PR Marketing partner Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience, universalxperience@gmail.com.

Bring the feature film THE TREE WIDOW to your city accompanied by an engaging open forum on romantic relationships and your relationship with God, in addition to hands-on acting workshops for the entire family.

Alison believes that enduring love is real, but it is work; a beautiful work indeed.


3 comments on “Filmmaker Alison Mills Newman is Doing a Great Work and Can Not Come Down: The Making of THE TREE WIDOW

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    November 17, 2014
  2. universalxperience
    January 2, 2015

    Thank you for your continued support. Tune into Atlanta LIVE and support Alison on Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 7:00pm ET 6:00pm CT http://www.watc.tv.

  3. universalxperience
    December 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on universalxperience and commented:

    Independent award-winning filmmaker and celebrated author, Alison Mills Newman is gaining support from the faith-based community for her film ‘The Tree Widow.’ She’s in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday, December 5, 2015. Pastor Rodney K. Turner is hosting a screening of the film at 10:00 am followed by an engaging Q&A with Newman at 2:00 pm. It happens at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, 815 Lynhurst Dr., SW, 30311. Newman is known for her work in the popular landmark TV show JULIA featuring Diahann Carroll. (end)

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