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Download Leon Timbo’s New Single – What Love’s All About


The countdown is over! Leon Timbo’s new single What Love’s All About can be downloaded today!   Leon says,  “It’s like the old saying – When good music was popular, and popular music was good. This album returns to that time. It’s a complete work, and a labor of love.”  What Love’s All About is released just in-time for Valentine’s Day and this soulful, hand-clappin’ ballad takes us to our happy place!  It speaks of love and the ”ways of love.”

Universal Xperience followers were introduced to the remarkable musical talent of Leon in 2012 on a segment we produced for our client Kelly Crew’s radio show Walk On Purpose. We highlighted Jason Nelson’s album  Shifting The Atmosphere and fell in love with the single No Wordsa duet featuring Leon which is beautifully arranged and the powerful lyrics made for a sure hit!

This is Leon’s first project with his new label, Riverphlo.  He has worked with Jason Nelson, Chantae Cann, and Tyrese.  Speaking of Tyrese, it was through Leon’s relationship with Tyrese in 2008 that created some much needed awareness for this gifted yet modest Atlanta-based songwriter/singer.

And, who can forget Leon Timbo’s  hit single ‘Don’t Call.’  The music video for this single gained 68,000 plus views. We’d say that was pretty impressive for a relatively unknown artist, wouldn’t you say? Respected Christian Producer Mano Hanes heads up the full length project expected to be released late spring 2014.

This is real good, feel good music.  Join me and let’s support this 21st century soul-man who plays a mean guitar. Download the new single “What Love’s All About” on Feb. 11, 2014.  Purchase on iTunes.

I like the following passage by famed French poet Victor Hugo and will go as far as to say . . . Leon Timbo’s Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Click here if you haven’t heard Leon Timbo’s What Love’s All About.

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