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In 2014 Kelly Crews Challenges You to Walk in Freedom and Maximize Your Life

Maximize Your Life

This Year Kelly Crews Challenges You to Walk in Freedom and Maximize Your Life

(Cleveland, Ohio)  From the Christian author of The Designers Original and Baby, You’re Priceless, popular and transparent Christian author and preacher, Prophetess Kelly Crews continues to encourage, equipped and empower others.  With a new book to her credit, Maximize Your Life, Crews says, “Freedom is a choice that you have to make for you! At some point, we have to let go of the past, unhealthy relationships, baggage and all of the ‘Life Stuff’ that is bombarding us on a daily basis and begin to walk in freedom!”

Kelly Crews author of Maximize Your Life

Maximize Your Life, is a hand-book written simplistically as a guide on the reader’s journey to self-awakening and self-improvement.  In her book, Maximize Your Life, Crews wants readers to begin to take responsibility for where they are as a first step.  Then, because they can do all things through the power of Christ that worketh within – – begin to take their lives back.  Crews says, “It takes 28 days to form a good or bad habit.” She issues a challenge to take these 28 days to wake up, read, believe, apply, and receive to Maximize Your LifeMaximize Your Life and other books by Crews can be purchased on Amazon.com and by visiting www.kellycrews.org.

Meet and greet Kelly Crews and receive an autographed copy of Maximize Your Life at a special New Year consecration service at St. Paul’s AME Church, 187 Morgantown St, Uniontown, PA 15401 on Saturday, January 11 at 7:00pm and Sunday, January 12, 2014.

Also meet and greet Crews and pick-up her book Maximize Your Life at Paula White’s 2014 Women of Wisdom New Destiny Women’s Retreat in Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida.  Crews has been selected as a speaker with Pastor Paula White and Rev. Dr. Helen Easterling Williams. This is a time for relaxing and refreshing at a two-day retreat from January 31, 2014 to February 2, 2014.

Kelly Crews welcomes all interviews and appearance request. Bring Kelly Crews and Maximize Your Life to your Church. Please contact Universal Xperience for more information at 313.434.3589 or universalxperience@gmail.com.



Kelly Crews Head Shot Co-pastor Kelly Crews is the CEO and founder of Kelly Crews Ministries (KCM).  Known to operate heavily in the prophetic, she is also known as Prophetess Kelly Crews. The vision and passion of KCM is to proclaim the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ worldwide.  KCM empowers people globally to walk fully and freely in God’s purpose for their lives. God has truly anointed and appointed Prophetess Crews to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ with grace and love, dividing asunder the spirits of mediocrity and complacency in order for people to experience the extraordinary manifestation of God’s glory.  She truly walks in an Isaiah 61 anointing, “to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free.”

Kelly Crews Ministries was birthed in 2003. Through this ministry, God allows her to travel all over the world preaching, teaching, singing and prophesying the Word of the Lord.   Some words to describe the ministry of Prophetess Kelly would be impacting, dynamic, radical, life-transforming, challenging, power-packed, revelatory, relational and real. God uses her voice as an instrument to shift atmospheres and bring change to people, houses and region

Under the spiritual leadership of Pastor, Dr. Rena Bey, Ph.D., Kelly Crews is the Assistant Pastor at Quest Community Church in Cleveland.  Kelly Crews has committed her life to glorifying God wherever she goes.  Accordingly, her personal life and ministry truly exemplifies the saying, “Lord, I’m available to you!”


Aired every Tuesday on Impact Radio Network.com @3:30p eastern

Walk On Purpose special segment: WHEN GIRLS TALK

Walk On Purpose special segment: Back Stage with Beth hosted by, Beth Griffith


Maximize Your Life

You’re Priceless – 2nd Edition

I Thought He Loved/Liked Me What Happened?!

Baby You’re Priceless

The Designer’s Original with the foreword by Dr. Jamal H. Bryant


Kelly Crews interviews Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman at Lion of Judah Conference – May 2013

Kelly Crews seen on Impact Television Network’s Miracles Do Happen – June, July 2013

Kelly Crews seen on TBN’s Praise The Lord Akron, Ohio – March 2013

Kelly Crews seen on The Word Network’s – Rejoice In The Word – January 2013

Kelly Crews seen on TCT Alive hosted by Bishop Strickland  – October 2013


Kelly Crews launches The Unstoppable Faith Tour featuring Pastor Maize Warren, Jr. – April 2013

Kelly Crews is founder of Pretty N Pink Empowerment Gatherings – 2102, 2013

Kelly Crews is founder of the Fresh Fire Conferences – 2013


Kelly Crews is on the cover of Promoting Purpose Magazine – Summer 2013

‘Kelly Crews is featured in eMotions Magazine published by Bishop T.D. Jakes – Spring 2013

Kelly Crews preaches at  New Destiny Christian Center for Dr. Zachery Tims  – July 2011


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