Makes No Difference Who You Are, Believe

‘From Adversity to Transformation Psalmist Judith Gayle Declares, It’s Gonna Be Alright!’

Psalmist Judith Gayle CD and Book Release

‘In an Unique Worship Experience Judith Gayle Releases New Music CD and Book’

Psalmist Judith Gayle is a woman transformed. She is known to be a versatile singer and radical minister. Nicknamed the ‘Jamaican Whitney Houston’ by Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Judith refuses to give up because like the song by Whitney, ‘When you Believe,’ Judith understands that life can sometimes be a hard journey and although her life has been nothing short of terrifying, Judith Gayle believes, still. She knows that with God on her side, It’s Gonna Be Alright, which is the title her newest CD.

Judith Gayle Book CD Launch 102613. BSaturday, October 26, 2013, Judith releases her new CD, It’s Gonna Be Alright and publishes her second book, Broken to Be Blessed: Destined to Win at Bethesda Healing Center, 167 98th street, Brooklyn NY 11212 at 7:00pm. Guest MC is Ricardo Bryan. With the prolific writing skills powered by the anointing of God, makes for a power-packed evening of worship, healing and deliverance as Judith ministers about the awesome and undying love of God she has experienced.

Judith appreciates and welcomes all interview opportunities through her PR Marketing partner Universal Xperience. Please contact Cheryl Patterson at universalxperience@gmail.com or 313.434.3589.


About Judith Gayle

The life-changing ministry of Judith Gayle has resulted in travels throughout the Caribbean, England, United States and Canada. Judith Gayle was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and began her music career in 1980 as a cabaret singer. But, Judith was a women in the beginning stages of transformation.

Judith Gayle HeadshotIn 1999, her life changed abruptly when God captivated her heart and she embraced Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at a local Church service. Enter real transformation which was seemingly unbearable to Judith during her early years as a young Christian. Judith experience occult oppression, despair, fear, pain, struggle and suffering. She was stripped of everything and isolated in misery. Judith experienced brokenness in God. Yet, as she hurt, she chose to believe, regardless and God taught her to smile again with a heart full of joy and peace.

Emerging successfully from her wilderness experience, Judith became a household name in the country of Jamaica, topping the music charts with a hit-song Jesus is Alive. As Judith does her very best to please and obey God above all others, her music strengthens and renews hope in the hearts of thousands.

The music of Judith Gayle shares messages of righteousness, uncompromising purity, resilient hope and unrelenting faith in God. The messages in her music is saving souls, reviving worshippers and encouraging many. As a supporter of lifelong academic achievement,  Judith earned a Bachelors in Theology from Family of Christ Theological Seminary in 2013.

Notable Achievements

Special performer at The Maja Awards, Canada’s Premier Gospel Award Event – 2004

Awarded the Mega Gospel Awards as Best Female Vocalist of the Year – 2009

Marlin Award  Nominee Song of the Year (six nominations including Song of the Year) – 2008, 2010


Preserving  the Soul – 2008

Broken to Be Blessed: Destined to Win – 2013


The Sun Shines Again

Broken To Be Blessed

Designed To Worship

I Believe

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Hit Songs

Upon This Rock . Broken to Be Blessed . The Veil . All My Praise . I Believe


Watch the music video I Believe

Watch Pastor Donnie McClurkin introduce Judith Gayle performing Give Me Jesus

Watch the music video All of my Praise

Discover Judith Gayle

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