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Magazine Publisher Creates Unique Exposure Opportunities For Christian Writers

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PPM Fall 2013

Promoting Purpose 2013 Fall Cover

(Fort Lee, Virginia)  Here is a magazine editor and publisher attempting to level the playing field for writers who pen stories and messages that inspire others.  With the success of Promoting Purpose Magazine (PPM) to her credit, Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui, editor/publisher is on a mission to create unique and innovative exposure opportunities for writers who inspire.  Currently PPM offers readers both print and digital versions.

Authors with a Purpose will cater to the needs of Christian writers of all ages, self-published, unpublished and of course published.   Straker-Valdezloqui says, “This extension of our main magazine PPM will get the word out in a strategic yet fresh manner and create awareness and excitement about not only what the writer pens, but who the writer is.  The special edition issues of Authors with a Purpose are designed to inspire, empower and much more.  We even created a virtual book tour component and a weekly blog-talk radio show, The Sherrell Valdezloqui Show with an interview segment just for authors who inspire, all designed to impact the brand and ministry of the writer.”

hurting womanStraker-Valdezloqui is an author too.  She wrote her first novel called, ‘The Hurting Women.’ She has first-hand experience and understands that the existing barriers can be discouraging for writers who chose to pen meaningful content with a focus on changing lives rather than simply writing about what sells.  “I feel compelled to assist these types of writers and bring marketing and promotion solutions to the table that are customized and affordable,” says Straker-Valdezloqui.   Even if you have not written a book yet, but have a story to share, you too can benefit from Straker-Valdezloqui new print special editions, Authors with a Purpose.  Look for the Authors with a Purpose special editions inside the PPM holiday print issue.

Also, have you been dreaming of starting your own magazine, but do not know where or how to start?  Talk directly to Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui as she lends her expertise and addresses your questions in an interactive teleconference called, ‘Help, I Want To Start My Own Magazine.’  The teleconference occurs on October 11, 2013 at 7:00pm eastern.

For more information on Authors with a Purpose and ‘Help, I Want To Start My Own Magazine’ teleconference, contact Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui at promotingpurposemagazine@gmail.com. Interview opportunities, appearance requests and advertising/sponsorships for Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui are handled through Universal Xperience at universalxperience@gmail.com or 313.434.3589.


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