Makes No Difference Who You Are, Believe

The African Body Adornment Project, 2012

For Immediate Release

‘A Remarkable Visual Art Form Honors People of the African Diaspora Transforming the African Body into Living Canvases’

(Detroit, MI) The manner in which we adorn ourselves is a direct reflection of how we see and perceive ourselves. ‘Beautiful Skin Body Adornment and African Women’ seminar and art course is a visual art form and a teaching component of The ‘African Adornment Project 2012’ and it’s being described as a remarkable artistic and cultural educational tool.

The ‘Beautiful Skin Body Adornment and African Women’ seminar and art course explores concepts of how the African body is adorned to define “beauty,” how body markings are used during ceremony, or to note cultural identity. This spectacular one-of-a-kind project is created by MDUBA Associates and Adornment Artist Rozenia Johnson.

MDUBA Associates and Adornment Artist Rozenia Johnson will sponsor the ‘Beautiful Skin Body Adornment and African Women’ seminar and art course at Truth Bookstore inside Northland Mall on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 3pm – 5pm.  The address is 21500 Northwestern Highway in Southfield, MI. This cultural teaching event is free but attendees must rsvp their attendance to mdubarj@att.net.

Adornment Artist Rozenia Johnson explains, “As people of African descent we have, for decades, adorned ourselves with designs and symbols and in ways that refer to practices found in numerous ancient African societies. While some Black people are quite conscious of this, there are others who may not understand the significance of the tattoo or the hairstyle they wear, or the color choices they make. This project presents an opportunity to reveal, educate and discuss how these unusual and expressive “body markings” continue to influence and shape our self perceptions as people of African descent.”

The “African Body Adornment Project, 2012” is organized by Adornment Artist Rozenia Johnson and MDUBA Associates and is an innovative three year venture now in it’s third year. It honors an extraordinary visual art form found among people of the African Diaspora. It focuses on how the use of various methods and materials defined as “adornment and body art” have informed and shaped our historical and contemporary perceptions of the African body.

In addition to the launch, events and the teaching components, the “African Body Adornment Project, 2012” will develop a “digital magazine” devoted to African body adornment, an Oral History and Adornment Preservation Program that will involve conducting interviews and collecting the stories on persons of African descent who have tattoos, and body piercings and markings and learning the symbolism behind them. The Premiere Event will be an exhibition of adornment and is planned for the latter part of 2012.

The MDUBA Associates mission is to “Reconnect People of African Descent to Their Cultural Identity.” Established in 2005 by independent curator/arts educator, Rozenia Johnson, MDUBA Associates (pronounced “m-joo-ba” in the Fongbe language), is a cultural preservation firm that specializes in exhibition development, educational programs, and visual arts projects/services.

MDUBA Associates and the African Body Adornment Project 2012 welcome opportunities for feature articles and interviews. Please contact Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience for details at universalxperiencepr@gmail.com.

Additional information can be found on the African Body Adornment Project 2012 Facebook Page.

Check-out this promo video from one of the African Body Adornment Project’s casting calls.  Special thanks to reporter/model San Jai for conducting all the behind the scene interviews for the promo video by Dream Monster.

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