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Get These Releases Out Feed the Baby?

Grrrrrrrreat! It’s Friday but got press releases to get out to hmm, 8 different cities and I am late! Well, not really.  Let me stop stressing. They aren’t due until Monday but I soooo wanted to be ahead and just make follow-up calls on Monday.

Why am I lagging today . . . ? Oh, maybe because I have Caleb-Miguel (a 4 month old) with me today and I am doing some major multitasking. I forgot I could do this ;-).  I”m good and I still got the mommy (grand) skills in tact.  Wait, heyyyy, he is sleep now.  What joy, hahahaha. Naw, he is such a happy wiggly baby. He is no problem even though he is starting to GRAB.

So, how is your Friday afternoon panning out so far? Did you plan your weekend or are you merely taking life as it comes? Plan to relax and have fun.  Prepare to relax and enjoy your friends and family the same way you you plan your work and work your plan. So, what are your weekend plans?  Leisure time can refresh us and if we plan it just a little, the outcomes can be rewarding.

Got to go but “I got nothing but love for you baby.” Be glad for “this is the day that the Lord has made” and oh yeah, it’s Friday!  God is good!

Peace and just a little Love until we chat again.

Also this is a universal xperience which has broken all our hearts, but is a part of our weekend, too.  This weekend the beautiful, regal and remarkably talented Whitney Houston will be laid to rest. Yeah, this saddens our weekend bc her death was untimely. I will not give death the victory.  I will not leverage the Grave.  Death and the grave have no victory or sting!  We have to seize this moment and leverage it to win souls to Christ.  And, as CeCe Winans said, “as Believers we should ensure that God gets all the glory.”  How can we do this? Would like to hear your thoughts.

I think it is wonderful and a great fit that my pastor, Bishop Marvin Winans is delivering the eulogy for Whitney Houston’s funeral/home-going service. He was a friend along with other members of the Winans family. Pastor Winans is no stranger to losing loved ones (Mother Ruth, Ron Winans and Pop Winans) that were public figures, loved by all.  Pastor Winans is called to preach and teach the Word of God.  He can, w/out pretense, empathize with the Houston family’s grief and feelings of despair and hopelessness. Pastor Winans has asked that we pray for him – that God gives him the Words that will speak life, forgiveness, healing and restoration to grieving hearts.

Hmmm, 3:35pm/est. Got to go feed the baby, ‘sigh’ again ;-/

Much love!

One comment on “Get These Releases Out Feed the Baby?

  1. Lore
    January 7, 2015

    Gee wiirlkels, that’s such a great post!

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